A one of the kind pet spray that promotes natural healing.

We were shocked to find harmful ingedients in most pet products. So we started sourcing powerful first aid products that are 100% natural.

  • Why us?

    We are a company of pet owner's ourselves, so we know how important your fur family members are.

  • Science meets pets

    Our team has done hundreds of hours of research to find the best all natural products out there .

  • Guaranteed to be free of

    - Alcohols
    - Steriods
    - Peroxides

Proven Results!

Results pictured are from using Shilah's twice a day for 4 days.

Emelia said:

" I just wanted to say that I just tried Shilah's for the first time and oh my gosh.... this stuff is really great. My 15-year-old dog got hot spots after our vacation and we wanted to figure out how to get rid of them quickly since she's so old. They were on her foot so she was limping and constantly licking her paw. We scheduled a vet appointment for a week out and in the meantime we used Shilah's twice a day. But after a couple of days, the hot spots were gone, my dog was no longer uncomfortable or limping, and we were able to cancel her vet appointment since she was all better!I had never used this stuff before but it seriously works."